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What to expect? 

In our ever-changing world, acoustics are more important than ever. That's why Does It Hertz offers a range of acoustic fabrics that are designed to control sound conditions in architectural environments. They are used at all types of venues, ranging from office spaces, museums, schools and auditoriums to theatres, recording studios as well as dance, drama and music rehearsal spaces.

This portfolio is not just an overview of acoustic materials. It's a collection of creative acoustic solutions and practical guidelines, that will surely inspire you for your next creation.

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  • The science of sound
  • How to improve office acoustics
  • Practical examples of creative acoustic solutions

Apart from absorbing sound and allowing for an element of acoustic "tuning" within a room, acoustic curtains often are an integral design element with a wide range of applications such as covering window areas and dividing spaces. Who said acoustic solutions were boring?!