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How to make an office, school, warehouse, restaurant or any other public area safer to go back to in times of Corona? Challenging times demand creative solutions. Let us help you prepare for social distancing at work.

Pop-up cubicles, divider panels and separation curtains don't need to be unappealing. On the contrary! Flame-retardant (FR) separation panels & partitioning drapes ensure a safe but comfortable working area that looks great during and after the pandemic has passed.

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Prepare your professional facility for social distancing

As contemporary architecture and open-plan and landscape-plan offices face great health & safety challenges in a post-corona time, ShowTex developed special kits for room-in-room creation, dividing spaces, creating compartments and walk paths in a fast and effective way.

Our fire-rated fabrics are a safe and durable way to adapt your workspace to comply with social distancing guidelines. Stand-alone dividers, mobile separation panels, ceiling to floor draperies or desk-mounted partitioning? There's a solution available for every type of interior. 

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Make your office coronasafe and respect social distancing at work with separation walls and stand-alone dividers.

Combined with printed branding, acoustic materials, curtain movement or office signalisation, these dividers truly make a difference at work. Of course, all while keeping safety, durability, budget and design in mind.


EasyDrape - DIY divider kit

This handy pipe & drape system allows you to build temporary walls, room dividers, pathways and space separators without spending a fortune.

Just combine the adjustable uprights and horizontals with the fabric of your choice to separate desks, make room-in-room setups, one-way pathways or build safety screens.

EasyDrape is like a DIY kit which allows you to create and adjust your temporary partitioning wherever and whenever you need. The hook-and-loop finishing ensures your drapes or see-through screens to be up in no time.

Use EasyDrape for:

  • Room dividers (see-through or nontransparent)
  • Pop-up booth, dressing room, waiting area, isolated workstation,...
  • Stand-alone partitioning
  • Separation walls to support circulation plans

And what about after corona?

EasyDrape is flexible in use and can easily be readjusted to new layouts and locations. There are even rental options available!


Possible materials

  • See-through PVC for safe collaboration with natural light
  • Blackout fabric for light masking and privacy rooms
  • Sound absorbing material for better acoustics
  • Optional curtain movement (open/close) with rail integration

Easy installation

  • DIY adjusting of width (unlimited) and height (0,8 - 3m+)
  • Hook-and-loop finishing for fast drape hanging 
  • No tools needed
  • Multiple configurations


Free-standing Divider Frames

These sleek aluminium profiles can be made-to-measure up to almost any size and shape. Whether matched with standard, see-through or custom printed fabrics, the frames always offer great versatility.

Use them to build cubicles, create personal workstations in open-plant offices, brand the divider panels with your corporate style or use them for signalisation.

Use Print Frames for:

  • Partitioning a space into smaller compartments
  • Creating cubicles / sections
  • Desk-mounted safety screen
  • Separation screen for reception areas
  • Mobile dividers
  • Pop-up meeting room, waiting area, workstation, dressing room,...

Mix and match frames with the fabric skins of your choice. You can even add a layer of sound-absorbing material to optimize sound quality and create more privacy.

Possible materials and looks

  • Transparent PVC for letting in natural light
  • Nontransparent fabric for private rooms
  • Sound absorbing material for better acoustics
  • Possible integration of projection surface
  • Custom-printed designs or branded signalisation
  • Double-sided (different look on each side)
  • Tight and clean with minimal space loss

Easy installation

  • Lightweight frames
  • No tools or professional help needed

And what about after corona?

Frames can also be wall-mounted as acoustic panels, used as a printed design features or in-house signalisation. Fabric skins can easily be changed.


Flexible Separation Curtains

Using flame-retardant curtains as flexible floor-to-ceiling partitioning allows you to safely and aesthetically divide an open space into sections. Select your material of choice to fit any style you want, or discover the special multi-layered curtains to create workstations that are visually and acoustically isolated from the rest of your team.

Use permanent separation drapes for:

  • Permanent workspace rearrangement
  • Partitioning and dressing work areas
  • Dividing open spaces into sections
  • Flexible curtain movement (open-close)

Combined with durable curtain rails, these separation drapes are a very stylish addition to your space.

Great variety of partitioning drape materials:

  • From vintage velours to sleek & modern options
  • See-through fabric for safe collaboration in natural light
  • Blackout options for light masking & privacy
  • Custom print for fully branded draperies
  • Floor-to-ceiling partitioning
  • Added acoustic enhancement
  • Manual or motorised open/close movement

Next-level room dividers and office partitioning


All ShowTex fabrics come with FR certificates that meet specific flame-retardant standards. This to ensure maximum safety and to comply with local and international legislation for fire-safety in public spaces.


All divider walls can be combined with sound-absorbing materials that noticeably enhance the acoustics of your space. Why not improve speech intelligibility or decrease background noise while you're reorganising the place?

✔️Custom Print

A large range of ShowTex fabrics can be printed with your own design to meet corporate branding, or add a fun touch. This way your dividers can also be used as signalisation or become an actual design feature.


ShowTex incorporates sustainability at every stage of its product development process. We strive to reduce consumption of resources, increase efficiency and work with partners that share our green values.

Room dividers are an effective measure against the spread of COVID-19, as they place a physical barrier between people. They are only effective when used in combination with regular disinfection, social distancing, washing hands and maintaining proper respiratory hygiene. If in doubt please consult for a wide range of workplace safety guidelines and basic protective measures against Coronavirus.