The many possibilities of acoustic fabrics

Acoustic textile solutions are not only functional, on the contrary! Flame-retardant fabrics allow you to optimise the sound of a space in a very creative way. ShowTex offers a range of acoustic fabrics that meet today’s high quality requirements. They are designed to control sound conditions in at all types of architectural venues including museums, school auditoriums and theatres, office spaces, recording studios, dance, drama and music rehearsal spaces.

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Acoustics solutions and optimal sound quality are an important consideration in the design, operation and construction of all buildings. 

Curtains and fabric panels can improve acoustic conditions, are easily adjusted, relatively economical and often an integral design element.

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Creative Acoustic Solutions by ShowTex

ShowTex offers acoustic materials for all types of settings including performance spaces such as theatres, concert halls, auditoriums, recording studios and rehearsal spaces. But also for venues such as public spaces, offices, museums, schools, gyms and swimming pools.

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Case: how we improved the acoustics of a historic concert hall

Improve the sound quality of a room and reduce the reverberation time thanks to a wide range of acoustic drapes, or opt for a unique separation curtain with multiple layers to reduce sound transmission between two rooms. Here's how a concert venue in Belgium did it.

Case: creative divider system improves office acoustics

Today’s businesses are dynamic, impulsive and constantly changing. Office spaces must therefore be flexible enough to respond to changing working groups and organisations, to their production processes and the need for personal comfort and technological development. A divider system of acoustic curtains allows for countless scenarios in this office space.

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eBook Drapes & Decibels - a guide for acoustic fabric solutions

Eager to learn more about acoustic fabric solutions? Download a copy of Drapes & Decibels! The eBook will teach you to identify the right acoustic challenges and guide you through the right selection of materials to tackle them. It comes with an acoustic indicator for great insights about the science of sound and an inspirational portfolio of widely diverse acoustic projects.


  • Different types of acoustic fabrics explained
  • Acoustic fabrics on stage, in offices, auditoria, schools,...
  • Flexible drapes versus sleek & subtle acoustic panels
  • Decorative & printed acoustic materials
  • Mounting solutions for acoustic drapes and panels
  • Portfolio of diverse inspirational case studies

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