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The versatility of glassless mirrors

From stage decorations to setups with endless reflections and holographic effects, there are many ways to implement mirrors in your project. Discover now how ShowTex glassless mirrors can take your stage, show, venue or event to the next level!


This portfolio shows you plenty of ways to experiment with transparency & reflection.

Watch ShowTex glassless mirrors in action in a wide range of applications, from theatrical performances to events, expositions and so much more. 

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Download the Mirror portfolio

GiantMirror by ShowTex

This glassless mirror is perfect for scenic applications, stunning special effects or panoramic event decoration. Available in 4 different colours, all with very specific features, GiantMirror never fails to impress, regardless if it's used in theme parks, television studios, trade show stands, expositions or on stage. Custom-made for any size and shape, even circular ones!

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