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From the smallest school theatre to the greatest opera house, every stage deserves to tell its story. As your local partner for theatre furnishings, ShowTex offers a complete range of scenic fabrics & drape suspension systems to do so.

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Classic or contemporary, lavish or minimalist. ShowTex velvets, scrims, canvases, backdrops and screens decorate countless stages and productions. A winning combination of local stocks, product variety, expert advice and timely installation.

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Flame-retardant theatre curtains

Masking drapes for directing sound and light, proscenium curtains to sets the right mood from the moment you walk in, theatre scrims or stage mirrors to create magic on stage, cycs and screens for capturing the perfect scene,... Every stage drapery is essential for the perfect theatre experience. ShowTex offers the full range.

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Complete range of stage curtains for theatres

Cotton, polyester and mohair stage curtains are the most traditional flame-retardant theatre drapes on stage. Manufactured as luxurious front curtains, borders, legs, valances and stage backdrops, they serve a decorative purpose on stage while improving lighting and sound conditions.

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Theatre effect fabrics & backdrops

It’s all in the details. When light and fabric meet, the possibilities are endless. Successful productions spring from creative solutions with extraordinary fabrics. Every theatre deserves a unique atmosphere worthy of its history. Our specialised textiles are made to be versatile and durable.

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Projection screens for theatres

Front, rear & twin projection screens are an integral part of theatres. ShowTex produces screens with nearly invisible joints and offers a wide selection of projection surfaces, making it easy to find the most appropriate screen with optimum viewing for your application.

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Scenic curtain suspension & motion systems

The curtain drops. It reveals and conceals. Whether dancing across the stage or standing serenely still. Position, timing, and technique are everything. The ShowTex range includes curtain tracks for every weight of drape, Kabuki drops, roll-ups, budget solutions and reveal systems made from experience.

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