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Creativity and durability are key when dressing any amusement park. Whether you need to prepare a theatre stage for daily shows, decorate thrill rides, create a certain mood or mask off backstage areas, there's a fabric solution available for any theme park concept.

From extravagant fire-rated drapes and giant holographic projection surfaces to fairytale-like star cloths and waterproof printed backdrops, the business of fun begins at ShowTex!

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Documentary on Holiday Indoor - ShowTex fabrics make the Plopsa fairytales come alive

Theming fabrics for amusement parks

The art of theme park design is not only about thrills and chills, it's about telling a story, setting a mood and making visitors forget reality when they enter your magical world. ShowTex has the right fire-retardant fabrics to help you create this magic.

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Fire-rated theming fabrics for amusement parks

Flame-retardant drapes do not only make sure your venue is technically ready to roll in terms of light masking and acoustic enhancements, they can also transform it from an empty box into a dreamy and sensational location.

Whether you are looking for bling, texture, luxury, organic shapes, waterproof fabrics or special effects, ShowTex has the perfect material for your situation and budget. On top of that, we conduct a variety of fire-retardant tests on all our fabrics for maximum safety.

Prints for themed rides

ShowTex is specialized in digital textile printing and ready to turn your artwork into high-quality decoration.

Choose your printed backdrops, indoor and outdoor signage, stretch fabrics, theatrical scrims, vinyl dance floors, large-scale banners, flags and screens in a variety of weights, materials and transparencies.

Combined with made-to-measure profiles, you can create free-standing props or stunning 3D structures that really make your venue stand out!

In- & outdoor projection screens

There's a wide range of projection applications possible in theme parks. It's our goal to advise the most suitable material for optimum video quality in any given application.

Apart from the traditional PVC screens, ShowTex offers a growing selection of alternative fabric projection surfaces. The perfect answer to all your creative concepts.

Stretch fabrics, voile and gauzes are very versatile and perfect for creating 3D shapes, special effect screens or light diffusers. With the unique PepperScrim you can even create stunning hologram effects!

Curtain suspension & motion systems for theme parks

ShowTex offers a complete selection of stage tracks and drapery hardware for every weight of curtain. From DMX-controlled curtain tracks and the Kabuki Drop to the fastest rollup system around. Creating an element of surprise has never been easier.

The curtain opens. The curtain drops. It reveals and conceals. Whether dancing across the stage or standing serenely still. Position, timing and technique are key when you want to amaze your crowd.

Recent theme park partnerships include

Puy du Fou (France), PlopsAqua (Belgium), Heureka Science Center (Finland), Disneyland Shanghai (China), Dubai Parks and Resorts (United Arab Emirates), Plopsaland (Belgium), Ferrari World (United Arab Emirates), Plopsa Indoor (The Netherlands), Futuroscope (France), Ocean Park (Hong Kong), IMG World (United Arab Emirates), Efteling (The Netherlands), Mayaland (Belgium), Holiday Indoor (Germany),...

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