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Why should acoustic solutions be boring and bulky? No reason at all! The experts of Does It Hertz are always on the lookout for new and exciting ways to merge acoustics with aesthetics into true "ear"-catchers. From the initial advice to the actual installation, together we can realise the most creative acoustic solutions.


Does It Hertz (powered by ShowTex)

As part of the ShowTex-group, Does It Hertz can count on more than 35 years of experience in inventing, manufacturing and installing flame-retardant fabrics drapes and the most innovative drape suspension systems. Got an acoustic issue? We are happy to assist. Sounds good, right?

The difference between sound absorption and insulation explained in just 1 minute.

Acoustic solutions tailored
to your space

From large concert halls and theaters to very distinct office spaces and interiors,
Does It Hertz feels at home in any kind of setting.

Curtains and rails

Choose polyester, cotton or wool curtains to improve sound quality and reduce reverberation time in your space. The wide choice of acoustic materials makes the curtains an integral part of your design.

  • User friendly
  • Printable with your own design
  • The acoustic drapes can be blackout as well

Panels and baffles

Acoustic panels come in many shapes and colours. With just a few panels, freestanding or attached to a wall and / or ceiling, you can create a remarkably more pleasant living or working environment.

  • High sound-absorption value
  • Versatile solution
  • Printable with your own design
  • Can be combined with LED lighting

Dynamic partition drapes

Reduce the sound transmission between two rooms in a very flexible way. You can opt to close the curtain when necessary, but enjoy the undisturbed architecture to the fullest with the curtains open.

  • Modular partition system
  • Lightweight and handy to operate
  • Visual and en auditory privacy

Take it one step further

Let your creativity run free by combining your acoustic solution with movement, print, blackout and / or special shapes.
Does It Hertz even offers a unique inflatable wool that can absorb low-mid to high frequencies. Unprecedented!




A true classic in concert halls. Roll-ups ensure a sound absorbing solution that is one with your architecture. They allow you to adapt the acoustics of your space to any situation and quickly switch between classical and electronic music.

Variable acoustics




By printing the acoustic fabrics with a design of your own, you can create really unique and creative solutions. As almost all materials at Does It Hertz can be printed, they are perfect for a fully personalised venue or interior concept.

Customized aesthetics




Thanks to a specially developed coating, Does It Hertz now offers airtight Wool Serge Panne that can be inflated. A unique solutions, as it's the first acoustic textile solution that absorbs low-mid to high frequencies!

Variable acoustics



Does It Hertz in action

Take a look at our acoustic portfolio and be inspired by all the creative projects.


Acoustic Terminology

In order to provide you with the best sound-optimising solution, it's important to know the difference between a some acoustic terms. Here's an overview:

Sound absorption

Ideal for solving sound problems in large open spaces or rooms with many hard surfaces that reflect sound. Sound-absorbing curtains and acoustic panels ensure shorter reverberations, improving intelligibility and reducing background noise.

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Sound insulation

These acoustic materials prevent sound transmission from one room to another. Combining sound-absorbing and / or sound reflective materials will increase intelligibility and reduce disturbing ambient noise - inside or outside the room.

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Sound transparency

Textiles with an open weave or perforated structure are ideal for hiding speakers without any impact on sound quality. In addition to mesh fabrics, Does It Hertz offers a unique acoustically transparent velvet that lets all sound pass through.

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