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Your local partner for fire-rated textile & drape movement

Ready to turn your creative vision into reality? From the drawing board to the manufacturing and installation, ShowTex has both the technology and the experience to provide you with a variety of solutions that meet the most challenging ideas in set building, stage and stand design.

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A full range of flame-retardant fabrics

Draperies and fabrics for live events or public venues are required by local legislation to meet specific flame-retardant standards to ensure the safety of everyone present. At ShowTex, you can find a complete range of stage & event fabrics that meet those international standards. 

» Stage Velvets   » Masking, blackout & acoustic fabrics
» Decorative fabrics   » Sheer, Silk, Satin   » Stretch Fabric
» Muslin, Canvas, Cyclorama   » Scrim, Netting, Gauze  
» Improving sound quality? Discover acoustic fabric solutions

Print your design on fabric

Printed backdrops creates a memorable impact and instantly set the right mood. Whether you want to decorate your venue, cover the technical towers of your event, create a visual on stage, brand the launch of your new product or perhaps you just want a nice sound absorbing canvas for your office: the possibilities of our range of printable fabrics are endless.

Discover how we can fit into your story

From theatrical performances and ballets to live concerts, touring shows, TV Studios, museum displays, theme parks, corporate buildings and all kinds of events, ShowTex drapes are at home in any setting.

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Projection Fabrics

Projection screens are an integral part of theatres, arenas, cinemas, and events. As designers are exploring their options, they look far beyond the traditional PVC projection screens to realise their ideas. The technology of video-mapping, video-tracking and holographic effects allows projection on all kinds of fabric surfaces.

» Front, rear & twin projection screens
» Fabric projection surfaces   » Holographic projection scrim

Curtain suspension & motion systems

The curtain drops. It reveals and conceals. Whether dancing across the stage or standing serenely still. Position, timing, and technique are everything. The ShowTex range includes curtain tracks for every weight of drape, Kabuki drops, roll-ups, budget solutions and reveal systems made from experience.

» Curtain Tracks  » Roll-ups & Reveal Systems 
» Temporary Wall & Divider Solutions

An extensive range of skills, services & expert advice

With over 35 years of experience and offices all around the globe, there's an extensive range of skills at hand here to assist you at every stage of your project. From the drawing board to the creation and the actual installation. What can we invent for you today?

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Working on a project or looking for advice on FR fabrics solutions? Fill in the form to contact the ShowTex North America team, they are happy to assist!


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